Sunday, March 10, 2013

Adjusting the Sails

I always believe in finishing what you start.  The finish line in this race however was a bit different than normal.  This goal was actually probably even a bit harder for me.  The finish line was to listen to my body.  It was questionable if I should even start the race.  I was scheduled to run a 50 miler training race yesterday in preparation for the 100 miler in August.  I was still a bit sick and my body was pretty run down from being ill and on so many meds. Starting the race on oral steroids, Zpac, inhaler, etc is not really the best way to begin an endurance race. 

I was actually surprised I got sick.  My training has been going so well.  I have been eating well, getting rest and really taking care of myself.  I guess I just caught some nasty bug.  I was fully confident that if I would have been healthy this race would be challenging but a step forward and one that I was ready to undertake.  I always love the life lessons I learn from all of these experiences. 

So, deciding to start the goal wasn’t to finish 50 miles. The goal became to listen to my body and make a smart decision.  Hmmmm.  I can push, push, push.  But, knowing when to call it (if I needed to) would be hard.  My ultimate goal is the 100 on August 10th.  So, I needed to make a smart decision.  I knew I could select another 50 miler to run within the next few weeks.  So, the goal was to start the race and see how I felt.

My sister even questioned me starting as she knew how frustrated and disappointed she thought I could become.  However, that’s not my attitude.  I had decided I was going to be happy with whatever I could accomplish under these conditions.  Starting and running any distance would be better than not starting at all.  Plus,  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel the morning of the race (I mean what if I had some miraculous recovery over night??), so I wanted to give it a go. 
Boy, was this an adventure…right from the arrival at my lovely hotel/cabin accommodations.  They say pictures are worth 1,000 words.  Let’s just say I will let them do the talking.

Probably not the best way to begin an endurance race.

The cleaning team's fix for a dirty couch.

 Sleeping arrangements (hoping to avoid the cooties...the more layers the better).

Wasn't about to take my shoes off in this place.  My covers for the evening were some (hopefully) clean towels.
The view at the start of the race made it all worth it:-)

Well, I succeeded at my goal.  I started the race not feeling the best.  Glad I participated and got in a good training run.  I decided to call it a day after about 5 ½ hours of running.  I was able to experience a wonderful trail run.  If you are looking for a fairly easy beautiful course that’s nicely organized, this is a great run (Land Between the Lakes).

Now, gonna get well, recover and select a 50 miler to run within the next few weeks.

When striving for a long term goal, you will always face challenges.  You have to be flexible and able to adjust the sails.  I have adjusted them a bit, had an exciting adventure and now am getting back on course.


  1. and we learn so much on these side streets of the long ride we are on!!
    many beautiful runs to you....xo

  2. oh...and i still have no words about the couch. i hope you slept well last night to make up for it. :0)